Friday, November 12, 2010

How To Write a Song Lyrics

How to write song lyrics - In writing a song lyrics, there are no definite rules or procedures to follow. According to Jim Paredes of APO Hiking Society, sometimes, in song writing, the lyrics come before the melody and sometimes, vice-versa. Although, there are a few songs that were written when both the music and the lyrics come in simultaneously. Practically, most musicians, especially the pianists and some solo guitarists, write first the music before putting in the lyrics.

One basic factor that is associated with song writing is "having an inspiration", either a person, a situation or a thing.

How to write lyrics is a matter of verbal expression and interpretation of the song, in line with the mood of the music. Normally, lyrics must be poetic and ending in rhymes. But,some lyrics are free expressions of the message being delivered in the song.

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