Friday, November 12, 2010

How To Write a Song

How To Write a Song - Actually, I cant differentiate writing a song from making music and lyrics. Song writing sometimes do not need instruments or accompaniment. Folk songs like "Bahay kubo", "Leron-Leron Sinta" and "Give Peace a chance" by John Lennon which do not have any chords to it.

How To Write a Song Lyrics

How to write song lyrics - In writing a song lyrics, there are no definite rules or procedures to follow. According to Jim Paredes of APO Hiking Society, sometimes, in song writing, the lyrics come before the melody and sometimes, vice-versa. Although, there are a few songs that were written when both the music and the lyrics come in simultaneously. Practically, most musicians, especially the pianists and some solo guitarists, write first the music before putting in the lyrics.

How To Make Music

How to make music is a work of art, with an abstract expression. The musician's aura, essence and color can be expressed into the music, while the pattern comes in regular rhythm and beat.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Portraits of a Filipino Singer

Below are pictures of Filipino Singer Henry Samaniego. This Pinoy Music Composer actually started to sing when he was at the age of 16. Henry Samaniego grew a love for music and started polishing his craft.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

TXM8 - Pinoy Music


©Henry Samaniego | Filipino Singer | Pinoy Music Composer

The Philippines has been widely known as the text or SMS capital of the world. TXM8 is a Pinoy Song that catches up to this trend telling a story of two text-mates (thus, the title TXM8) who anxiously waits for each others text message.

Graduation - Pinoy Music


©Henry Samaniego | Filipino Singer | Pinoy Music Composer

Graduation is a song originally composed by Henry Samaniego,  a Filipino Singer and Pinoy Music Composer. A different kind of graduation music. We all know that Highschool or College Graduation while one of the most exciting is also one of the most painful stages in our life. In this song composed by Henry Samaniego, a lover wants to have assurance that he will still be the one loved by the other person even after graduation. Likewise, he assures that his love remains.

The song was beautifully crafted with Guitar, Flamenco and some touch of Violin.

Tayo Na Ba - Pinoy Music

Tayo Na Ba

©Henry Samaniego | Filipino Singer | Pinoy Music Composer

Sometimes in a relationship between two lovers, such uncertainty comes such as would it still be them tomorrow or would they end up getting married or separated? These uncertainties in life inspired Henry Samaniego, a Filipino Singer and Pinoy Music Composer to write this beautiful piece of music in pure Acoustic flavor.

A Filipino Singer and Pinoy Music Composer

Filipino Singer and Pinoy Music Song Writer Henry Samaniego was a born on November 16, 1964. He took a course on AB Mass Communication back in College at the Far Eastern University (FEU) - Manila. He has a natural love for playing acoustic guitar, electric guitar, keyboard and drums.

Henry Samaniego enjoys writing music, and an art lover. He is a versatile acoustic singer and enjoys singing  a variety of music genre such as pop ballad, jazz, country, Japanese and Spanish folk songs and his own pinoy music compositions.