Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Graduation - Pinoy Music


©Henry Samaniego | Filipino Singer | Pinoy Music Composer

Graduation is a song originally composed by Henry Samaniego,  a Filipino Singer and Pinoy Music Composer. A different kind of graduation music. We all know that Highschool or College Graduation while one of the most exciting is also one of the most painful stages in our life. In this song composed by Henry Samaniego, a lover wants to have assurance that he will still be the one loved by the other person even after graduation. Likewise, he assures that his love remains.

The song was beautifully crafted with Guitar, Flamenco and some touch of Violin.

Intro:G-B7-Em-A7 ,

Am-Bm-C-D ,


G                            Bm

Pagdating ng Graduation ko

G                       Bm                     Am- D          

Gusto ko’y halikan mo ‘ko sa labi

G                                 Bm

Ng madama ko ang init mo

G                            Bm             Am-  

Lalu na kung kayakap mo na ako

              Am    Bm     C           D          G

Ng madama ko sa’yo na mahal kita.


G                        Bm

Nais ko’y patunayan mo na

G                        Bm                  Am-    D

 Ako lang ang lagi d’yan sa puso mo

G                        Bm           

Lapitan mo naman ako ngayon                     

G                  Bm                     Am-    

Kalimutan na muna ang tampuhan

              Am    Bm      CM7        D      G

Para masabi ko sa’yo na mahal kita


        CM7           B7      Em                             

Paki kunan mo nga,bukas graduation ko



               Am   Bm     Cm7       D      G

Na maalala mo  tayo’y nagkasama



Koro 2

        CM7            B7               Em

Pagkatapos ng Graduation,sana’y


makasama kita

        Am      Bm     C              D       G

Maibulong ko sa iyo na mahal kita


        Am         Bm  C             D      G

Graduation ko’y ikaw walang iba


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